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It’s fair to say that most of us know a real estate associate personally.  It can also be said that we are all exposed to media and advertising daily from a series of real estate associates who are vying for our business.  The truth is that there are approximately 5,300 real estate associates in Calgary. At the Rose Calvelo Team, we take our business to another level where we can make a noticeable impact differentiating the quality of our services.

To break it down, our focus is raw energy in conjunction with our experience and how to translate that into a results-based connection with our clients.  Some may consider our brand disruptive to the industry, and to be truthful, we welcome it.  Like many top agents we have bus benches, a website and even billboards driving traffic to listings.  Where we set ourselves apart is the way in which we present our brand; this is what is driving so much traffic to our listings.  Quite simply we have zero intention on blending into the marketing trends.  Perhaps that’s why you’re here doing your due diligence on us.  We want to show Calgary exactly what we are all about; a team of professionals who bring energy, excitement and business acumen to the table day in and day out, consistently.

Rose works tirelessly to stay on top of local and global economics along with market trends in the city she represents, and the opportunities presented to better serve her team’s clients. To top it off the team works under the Re/Max umbrella.  There is no bigger real estate brand in the world which has the ability, tools and budget to assist their associates in optimizing client satisfaction.  Contact us and join a winning team, we are committed to you affirming that The Rose Calvelo Team was the best quality real estate experience you have had to date.  We live, breath and eat real estate! 

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