A crucial aspect of selling a home quickly and efficiently is pricing it competitively at market value from the start.  Listings get far more exposure in the first 10 days than they do going forward and price has much to do with how much interest your home will generate.  A strategy of listing high in hopes a potential buyer may bite can be quite detrimental to the selling process.  The last thing you want to do is have a series of price drops leading buyers to believe there are major issues with the home, causing them to overlook its potential. 

When pricing a home, a Current Market Analysis (CMA) is a great guide to start with. Knowing if sale prices are climbing or declining and the speed in which they are selling can give you a feel for where you need to be priced.  Timing is everything, so staying informed on the pertinent trending factors is key to knowing when to sell.  

City assessments do not determine market value of your home, so it’s very hard to tell where your property stands without a comprehensive market evaluation from a licensed professional.  The Rose Calvelo Team is committed to not only formulating and presenting you with a fair market price for your property, but walking you through our price discovery process.  Educating our clients and enabling them to feel comfortable with their listing price is essential to their peace of mind as well as the client-realtor relationship being maintained at a high level at all times.

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