How to Increase Your Home's Value

It is important to differentiate home improvements that will add value to the sale price of a home from those that may add comfort to your stay, or even cosmetic improvements that solely represent your taste or style.  The first thing to consider is the value of the properties in your area and if improvements outside of general maintenance will be beneficial to others looking to get into a home in your community.

General interior wall and paint condition, as well as flooring is appealing to anyone looking to purchase your home.  Addressing exterior concerns that may set off alarm bells such as roof and outside wall treatment issues is also a great place to allocate a limited budget. There is often low-cost exterior landscape renos that can drastically change the curb appeal of a home.  That initial curb appeal giving the right first impression sets the tone for any buyer prior to walking through the front door.

When it comes to renovations that you feel are needed to bring the home up to par, or perhaps a leg head of the competition, there are a few areas to focus on.  Kitchens are a huge draw and are the center gathering areas for families and friends.  Consider opening a non-structural wall to create a more open, free-flowing area to converse.  Updated bathrooms are essential in providing a feeling of comfort and cleanliness to prospective buyers.  You may have a hard time in many cases extracting the cost of renovations when selling, however your property may never sell at a fair price without a little TLC.  Find a balance and consider having a complimentary home evaluation where Rose and her Team could offer some insightful suggestions.

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