Home Buyer's Guide

Please read this step by step guide of purchasing your next home.

1. Map out a clear plan and determine your needs and wants.

2. location, location, location. Pick a location that best suits your lifestyle and your needs.

3. Contact our team to discuss options and your criteria

4. Get a mortgage pre-approval.  We will set you up with a professional and experienced mortgage broker to assist you in this step, if you have not already obtained a pre-approval. Understanding your financial health is crucial in making the right decision both long term and short term.

5. Start the search

6. Make an offer.  Once you have found your dream home that matches your search criteria along with most of your needs and wants, it is time to place an offer.

7. Deposit. A deposit is a sign of how serious you are to make the purchase of a home and needs to be available at the time of offer.

8. Negotiations. Negotiating price is important to ensure you get the best price possible. It is also important to negotiate the best terms and conditions of the offer. Some terms include possession date, inclusions and exclusions. 

9. Satisfying all conditions. Before a property goes from conditionally sold to a firm sale, conditions have to be satisfied such as financing, home inspection, and condominium documents review if purchasing a condominium.

10. Possession. Prior to possession, you will need to meet with a real estate lawyer to review the Real Property Report (RPR) and the title before signing all documents. The lawyer will discuss the closing costs, disbursements, and point out any restrictions or caveats registered against the property.

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