I had the privilege of speaking to Robby Aurora, a partner and mortgage broker at Mortgage Connection about the importance of understanding your financial health and what is required to obtain a mortgage. Robby is an expert in his field, and someone I trust both for personal transactions and for clients. At any given point, it is important to understand your financial health to set goals that may take time to achieve.

Here is what Robby had to say to break things down in simple terms.

Traditionally, consumers spoke with their bank for a mortgage evaluation or pre-approval, however, educated consumers have now realized that their banker is not the specialist for mortgages as they are limited to just their own bank’s policy, products and rates. An

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There have been many attempts to indoctrinate the public into the powers of disruptive technologies as part of the process of buying and/or selling real estate.  Years back there were players in the market looking to take out much of the hands-on experience clients traditionally received from a qualified, licensed, real estate professional.  It appeared to many that there would be significant cost savings when taking out the human component of transacting, however, this trend appears to have faded off.  It wasn’t that the technology or platforms weren’t given a fair shot, it was the desire for the bottom line accountability and experience licensed professionals offer to such a critical transaction.

We have all witnessed new sets of rules and guidelines

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Contrary to local belief, Canadians actually carry more household debt than Americans do. Ready for a shock? The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) stated that Canadians carry more household debt than any other country in the world they monitor. The OECD monitors the majority of nations that could impact global economics. As of May 1st, 2018, the Bank of Canada marked Canadian household debt at 170%. That means each Canadian owes $1.70 for every dollar they earn annually, after taxes. Canadians have doubled their debt ratio in just 20 years, a staggering trend. Taking on debt is part of any modern functioning economy, it allows us to smooth out the immediate costs of our long-term needs, but have we gone too far? Let’s explore

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