Real Estate Revitalized

Real Estate Revitalized


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The State of the Market 

The real estate market in Calgary has changed drastically in the last few years, particularly in 2018 with the introduction of new mortgage rules.  Consequently, buyers’ purchasing power has been impacted.  The slowing of the Canadian economy, largely due to depressed Alberta oil markets, as well as higher federal and provincial tax rates, has driven a longer-term buyer’s market than many had forecasted.  The weak Canadian dollar has provided discounted inventory to foreign buyers in several key markets such as Vancouver and Toronto, however the ripple effect has only moderately impacted Calgary’s local market.  The arbitrage opportunity is gone across the country, real estate has been priced, and for this reason choosing the right real estate associate has never been more important.

Marketing real estate is no longer about posting a listing on the MLS, seeing how the market reacts and hoping someone will fall in love with the property prior to price shopping.  Buyers have new-found value for their money and realize that inflation in the real estate market will be moderate.  Impulse buyers have been replaced with value buyers, consequently price discovery methods for listings and purchases have had to be refined to a science.

Working with a professional real estate associate who understands exactly how to market the value of a property and optimize their time and budget to showcase a property is key.  To later effectively negotiate the sale of a property is essential to extracting the value sellers desire.  On the buy side, spotting undervalued properties and knowing the landscape of Calgary’s communities where price growth is likely to outperform is also crucial.  Negotiating from a well-researched power position with a breadth of knowledge on the competition is paramount to reassuring a purchaser that there may be value to be extracted in the future.  It is our intention to educate our buyers, encouraging them to make a purchase that will outperform in value relative to outside inflationary pressures.


The Rose Calvelo Team commitment to you

Working with a professional real estate associate who will thoroughly negotiate on your behalf is essential when purchasing a home.  Anything less than a strategized approach to a transaction misrepresents the validity of the offer on either the sell or the buy side.  The Rose Calvelo Team commits to you, the client, to optimize value and to only present value.

As a group of professionals in the real estate industry, our goal is to properly represent our clients and always have their best interest at heart.  In order to establish credibility with our clients and outside buyers who view our listings, we strictly commit to listing real estate at market value.  In turn, our team commits to providing clients the evidence to support a suggested listing or purchase price, so they feel comfortable in their decision to proceed.  If you are selling a property or are an outside listing agent, rest assured that if a client of The Rose Calvelo Team requests a showing, they have been pre-qualified on price and the property matches the criteria of the lifestyle they are seeking.  We invest time getting to know our buyers in detail and have zero intention on showing them listings that will add confusion to the long list of properties that are currently available to them.

Time and money are valuable, we value yours and we value our own.  Capital investment is required on our behalf to effectively market your property and we intend to focus that budget on achieving a successful time sensitive result.  Learn more about our focused property marketing strategy in the marketing section of the site.


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